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(no subject)
This is my new burrow. Still getting nestled in. I'm too tired to make a real entry right now, but I wanted to at least start out and welcome some old friends back in. I have a good feeling about this.

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:) Hopefully things will be fun this time around.

I think it can be a little more like the old days. And hey, you're here, so this journal already feels more like home. :)

Hi! I got your snail mail and I keep trying to write back, but I wanted to give you good news and since I'm still working at Denny's...well let's just say I went through several drafts so far.

I'm glad you're back here though! :)

Yay! Another wonderful addition to my new home.

Guess what I'm watching right now? Hint: There are screen caps of it all over your journal. :D

....Supernatural? *gets really stupidly giddy and fangirltastic*

Hehe. I missed you. Yeah, I started about two months ago. Just got to season five tonight. Unfortunately I can't read most of your entries since I don't have the CW. Season six is a ways away for me.

I missed you tooooo!

I spent last winter break stuck on-campus in an empty building with no one by myself and my laptop for company. I stumbled upon random Supernatural fangirls online and decided to give it a try.

A monster was effectively created. But hey! Being stuck on-campus for Christmas sucked way less than it initially looked like it would.

Season 5 is an angst fest...but soooooooo good. So so so good.

Yeah, now that I'm fully into it, I guess I should have seen that this would be something you'd totally be into.

That "number one Sam fan" writing slash? Totally made me think about you and some of the horrifying things you subjected me to in the old days.

Hahahahahaha. I love all the fangirl nods the show gives. I've realized that we can appear scary from a distance.

Actually? In Supernatural-land, we can be pretty scary up close too. Check out ontd_spnparty if you ever want your brain to melt.

That's a very appropriate icon for the old days, sir. Very appropriate indeed. I like to think I'm a big, grown-up fangirl nowadays, but I'm not sure if that makes it all better or worse. :/

Wow. My laptop melted before my brain. So... much... animation.

I dunno better or worse. You're you. That's what matters, dear one. :)

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